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Career Coach

We have partnered with a Career Coach, Tracy Hodges, who is expert in the technology field and offers guidance and advice matched with Change/Transition, Career Wellness, Performance (Existing and New Jobs), Imposter Syndrome, Leadership and Job Search.

Are you a Technology Professional? Do you feel disconnected or discouraged at work? Are you unfulfilled in your career and have unfulfilled ambitions? Does your workload or performance cause you stress and anxiety?

Does impostor syndrome or a lack of impact effect your productivity? Perhaps you are feeling a lack of passion or engagement for your work?

Would you like to see more of these....

  • Improved performance
  • Sense of clarity and direction in your career
  • A new found passion for your work
  • Confidence and impact at work
  • Leadership skills that inspire and motivate the staff around you
  • Ability to manage stressors and conflicts in the office
  • A new career with features that are exciting and appealing

If so, I can help by providing you with 1:1 Transformational Career Coaching which is custom built to your specific needs and the comfort in knowing that your coach has over 20 years of experience in Technology.

During that time I've become passionate about good leadership and performance, about being in a job you enjoy and have learnt that wellness is the path to productivity.

These are my key learnings

Enjoy your work

Enjoy your work

You've got to enjoy your work, wake up enthusiastic and have a good attitude.

If you haven't you not only ruin it for yourself but you ruin it for everyone else.

Leadership and Performance

Leadership and Performance

Leadership and Performance is everything. If you want to be a technology leader make sure you're a good one. If you want to be the best in your field then you need to be working on your performance and understanding what is going to help you excel.



Wellness is the quickest way to improve productivity.

You've got to look after yourself above all else.

" I took the decision to change my career after a series of jobs left me discouraged by the way senior leadership behaved and treated their staff, by the workload that was forced on people, by the poor managers and lack of development opportunities within Technology.

I've taken all of my experiences on board, along with a passion and dedication to coaching, I have used it to successfully transition my career. I wanted to be able to help people reach their full ambitions and help them become a better version of themselves by overcoming their blocks and challenges.

With hard work and lots of study I am fortunate to now be running my own career coaching practice where I can help transform the career journey of others as well. "

Tracy Hodges