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We have partnered with Career Coach, Tracy Hodges, who is an expert in the technology field and offers guidance and advice aligned to Career Transition, Performance, Leadership and Wellness at Work. 

Do you suffer with confidence issues or imposter syndrome, in the workplace or at interviews? Do you feel disconnected or discouraged at work? Is your career unfulfilling or do you have unfulfilled ambitions? Do you want to excel your performance to support your goals? Or does your work cause you stress and anxiety that is impacting your personal life?

Coaching can help you overcome these issues and more by creating the space you need to enable you to think more clearly and allow you to focus on and achieve your goals.

If you would like to know more, get in touch with Tracy at

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Our benefits

  • Education and awareness training
  • Diverse Candidate Base
  • Reworking job specs
  • Technology Career Coach
  • Skills Gap Analysis
  • Create structured interview processes
  • Access to our technology
  • Talent as a service
  • Outsource / In-House
  • Statement of work

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